Our Port: Drug-Free

The employees in the port of Antwerp are united against drug-related crime, and you can help us! If you know of or see any suspicious activity, report them on this anonymous hotline. We decide what goes in and out of the port, and your help is essential.


Anonymous hotline

This hotline is completely anonymous. To guarantee your anonymity, no IP tracking will be used. Your report will be sent to the police authorities immediately, where it will be thoroughly investigated. If you choose to make an anonymous report, no feedback will be possible. This hotline is not an emergency control center. If you need immediate police assistance, call 112.

Could the suspect guess that you were the person who made the report? *
Do you want to be contacted by the competent police services? *

Leave your details here. These are only sent to the competent police services and are treated in strict confidence.

What counts as suspicious?

If something doesn’t seem normal, it should raise suspicion. You might see strangers on the quay or at the office, or people you know acting strangely. Below are some example situations that you can look out for.

Our port drug-free

As the gateway to Belgium and the rest of Europe, the port of Antwerp is a major driver of wealth and processes goods from all over the world. In the port over 150,000 people are employed, and we’re proud to have them on the team.

Unfortunately, criminal organizations are also using our port for their drug-related crimes. But we’re taking a stand against them! We, the employees in the port of Antwerp, decide what goes in and out of the port. Drugs aren’t on that list. That’s why the entire community at the port of Antwerp is showing zero tolerance toward drug-related crime.

How can you help to keep the port drug-free? By reporting any suspicious activities! You can make an anonymous report via this hotline. Your report can assist the police in their investigations and help them take more targeted, effective action.

This campaign is an initiative by Cepa, Alfaport Voka, and the Port of Antwerp-Bruges.